With 2020 on the horizon, marketers need to evolve their best practices with the advent of new and disruptive technological innovations.

The Rise of DOOH

TGrowing investment from media owners to convert digital, and the ability to combine multiple and full-motion formats has helped propelled programmatic DOOH growth & effectiveness. Digitalization also improved reach, effectiveness, capability and better measurement- pushing OOH over the boundaries.

Technology Scalability

Technology will continue to impact OOH – Open collaboration, smart use of location data and ad exchange development. Scalability will be key as well as trust and accountability to serve the industry as a whole and explore new opportunities.

Advances in Data

2019 was about identifying relevant data sources and showing how we can link location planning, data and outcomes. 2020 will be all about refining those processes in data-led planning, and demonstrating real and measurable outcomes.

More Personalization

With customers seeking more personalization and immersive engagement, brands in 2020 will need to respond by seeking to uplift their influence in public spaces with OOH and through content partnerships in digital OOH.

As the new technologies like AI or augmented and virtual reality becomes common in every household. There come new possibilities for advertisers as well. These technologies can never be ignored as they will not only generate more space for advertisers but also provide a method to track the conversions and lead generation which will significantly change the marketing technique for the brands

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Source: Moving Walls

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