In January this year, QSR chain Subway found itself at the centre of a lawsuit in the US, which claimed that its tuna sandwiches dont contain any tuna.

The brand responded by reassuring customers that there was no truth to this claim and in fact, it serves skipjack, pole-line caught tuna, mixed with light mayonnaise.

To emphasize to its young target audience that Subway tuna subs contain 100% sustainably caught tuna and educate them about sustainable fishing, the brand launched a campaign in the UK and Ireland within the Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, called Tuna for Tuna.

In the game, players fish for tuna with a pole and line – the same way Subway’s tuna is sourced. The Tuna for Tuna campaign offered free tuna subs in return for any tuna that players caught in the game; to claim a free sandwich people just needed to tweet @SubwayUK a screenshot of their Animal Crossing avatar holding the tuna, using the hashtag #TunaForTuna.

To raise awareness, Subway and agency Above+Beyond, London, created an in-game avatar and created a video, which it posted on its social channels on 2 April, asking players of Animal Crossing to get fishing, the sustainable way. The brand also worked with four gaming influencers who live streamed their gameplay and enjoyed their free tuna subs while emphasizing that Subway uses pole and line-caught tuna fish.

Results / Gamers spent over 400 hours of fishing combined, and the promo video received over 1 million views. There was a 233% increase in positive sentiment (an 83% reduction in negative sentiment).


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