Why Use OOH?

In today's highly connected digital world, marketing revolves around data. And when it comes to data, marketers want to be able to leverage their first- and third-party audiences across channels.


One of the major reasons why DOOH is increasingly the media of choice for savvy marketers is data. Location data can be used to define audiences based on where consumers have been. Through geospatial data analysis, you can discover the places they frequently visit to understand where they are most likely to be at certain times of day.

Coming in clutch for the consumer journey.

Another reason why DOOH has grown in popularity is because of how it can reach audiences at multiple touch points throughout the consumer journey.

Consider how brands want to target consumers – those in close proximity to a brand’s retail location are obvious potential customers, but targeting that same consumer – one who visited the store last week or meets other criteria – while they’re at the gym, on the elevator to their office, or running errands – has an even greater impact.

Contextual environments and repeated exposure have been proven to drive lift of brand awareness, consideration, purchase intent, foot traffic and sales. However, in addition to the benefits of DOOH alone, the option to retarget consumers exposed to DOOH on mobile opens even greater opportunities for marketers to reinforce their brand message.

Show me the money!

A third reason why you should consider DOOH for your next campaign is measurement and ROI. With the assistance of third-party measurement partners, brands and marketers have access to concrete results, showing the impact of cross-screen exposure on upper and lower funnel KPIs. Additionally, ROI becomes more apparent when measurement metrics clearly show the correlation between OOH and KPI growth.

I want to see my [brand] name in lights

Finally, DOOH appeals to marketers because it can provide unmatchable, high-impact formats. Whether large-format screens or displays that seamlessly integrate in contextually relevant environments, DOOH is a high-impact format for reaching consumers.

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