Best 2019 ooh campaigns

Outdoor advertising has been around for hundreds of years because it’s a proven method of reaching a wide audience. Even in today’s digital world, outdoor advertising is gaining new momentum. An effective OOH ad campaign must connect with and reach out to its target market in a meaningful way in an outdoor setting. To wrap it up, here are some of the best OOH campaigns of the year!

A Decade Wrapped - Spotify

The annual Spotify Wrapped campaign ignites nostalgia in its users with #OOH ads that highlight the most popular songs and podcasts listened to this decade.

Kylie Skin

One of the big stories this year was the big programmatic move made by Kylie Skin. An ad for the brand took over 5,800 screens in more than 1,000 cities, all delivered programmatically.

Times Square Takeover – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Just look at this thing. Visually, it’s remarkable, and then there’s the consideration of just how difficult it must have been to create and synchronize video across all those different screens. Plus it’s not like we’re immune to Harry Potter’s charms. We love the wizarding world, too. Click here to watch the activation:

Katching the CN Tower – Kitchen Aid

This year, KitchenAid put up an ad in keeping with that idea, showing off the diverse colour options for its famous stand mixers by syncing the mixer’s colouring to that of the CN Tower’s lighting.

BBC – His Dark Materials

Fans got new hope with the fall launch of a television adaptation airing on BBC and HBO, and a fun treat in the form of a billboard with one of the series’ famous armoured bears breathing real steam. Going beyond a regular billboard ad doesn’t have to involve tons of elaborate steps

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