Dogvertising - Pedigrees New Campaign Targets Dogs

Challenge In 2020 dog treat brand Pedigree wanted to reinforce its position as the market leader in an increasingly competitive Croatian market and also promote its Dentastix product.

However, with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) limiting the brand’s ability to track dog owners and therefore reach its audience with targeted ads, Pedigree needed to think on its feet.

Solution / Working with MediaCom Zagreb, Pedigree developed an algorithm that, rather than identifying people, instead detected whether or not a dog was near a digital-out-of-home (DOOH) display.

When a dog was detected in front of the screens, a Pedigree Dentastix advert appeared before the owner.

As the campaign progressed, Pedigree further refined the algorithm to differentiate between small, medium and large dogs, with the ads tailored to match the mutt.

Results / Following the campaign, the agency reported that the DOOH adverts had a 13.5 second average viewing time by pet owners, four times the average of any other Pedigree campaign. This was achieved at a reported 34.4% lower cost per actively viewed ad and, according to the agency, led to an increase in regional sales by 29%.


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