Toy brand creates instructions for how to turn Lego cars and planes into more sustainable alternatives, to teach kids about climate change

To educate children in Poland about climate change, >Lego released instructions for some of its most popular toy sets with one catch: rather than resulting in the usual plane or car, the instructions led to the >creation of a more sustainable alternative.

For example, following the Green Instructions sees an aeroplane rebuilt as an electric train, cars repurposed as bicycles or scooters, and a coal mine overhauled into an electricity generating windmill.

Each set of instructions is accompanied by facts about how the original item impacts the environment versus the more environmentally friendly option (eg, ‘electric trains generate 95% less CO2 than domestic flight planes’) to help educate young people

Created by Ogilvy Poland, Warsaw, the campaign was launched in June 2020 (during one of the country’s lockdowns) with the Green Instructions available in-store and online. And, in early 2021, Lego unveiled a series of online videos to talk children through how to build each item while teaching them about the environment.

Results / According to the agency, the campaign >generated over 2 million impressions just two weeks after launch, while 723 schools across Poland downloaded the video lessons to help educate students about climate change.

Source: Contagious

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