Burger King wants to skip directly from the coronavirus-fueled chaos of today to the lovely and wondrous holiday season of December.

And they think the pandemic-weary public may be ready to play along.

Today, the fast-food brand unveils a Christmas in July promo, transforming its social media channels and the BK app with carols and various elfin images and accoutrements that could appeal to even the grinchiest among us.

There’s a related food offer—we’d call it a gift, but it’s not free—that lets consumers mix and match two menu items like the Whopper and Chicken Fries for $5.

And as part of the stunt, the chain has decked out one of its locations with icicle lights, snowflake ornaments, giant colorful trees and red-ribboned wreaths.

With fake snow falling and employees wearing Santa hats, consumers talk turkey about 2020 for a video from agency David’s Sao Paulo and Miami teams that accompanies the campaign.

“I’m over it, I’m over it,” says one man. “Just skip it—horrible,” says another, while a mom confesses, “I’m losing my sanity.”

The spot opens with the understatement of the century: “2020 has been a challenging year,” and flows into relatable commentary from passersby at the bright and festive restaurant.

“This year has to end,” says one mask-wearing guy. “2020 no good!”

BK says it’s “doing our part to wrap it up early” with its idyllic peek into the holidays and its discounted twofer combos, though fast-forwarding past the next four months won’t solve the world’s ills. But, anyway, it’s nice to dream.

CREDITS: Agency: David Sao Paulo and David Miami

Source: Adweek

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