Following a successful UK launch at the end of September, Justin Gibbons, the author of The Brand Gap, unveiled his new book P²+C=5

The New Formula for Media Planning post-Covid during a global webinar organised by JCDecaux that took place on Thursday 15 October. The winning formula shows how marketers and advertisers can harness the power of the public screen alongside the private screen to drive advertising success throughout the customer brand funnel.

The book includes research, insights and new discoveries to help brands build effective, more balanced communications in the context of the current health crisis. Gibbons’ new work juxtaposes the challenges posed by equity and reputation in the long term with a quest for performance in the short term.

P² + C = 5 gives readers new insight on how brands can leverage media planning to reinvent themselves in these unprecedented circumstances. It underscores the role of attention, trust and creativity, which strike the necessary balance between brand support and activation.

WHAT IS P² + C = 5?

P² is the Public screen (e.g. OOH/TV), which is consumed on a large scale, by all audiences, and is near-universally trusted. This, in turn, works with the Private screen (mobile).

C is the Creative contribution, using ‘distinctive assets’, context and a ‘creative bridge’ to move assets across platforms, priming audiences in their first exposure in high-attention channels.

5 is the outcome of P² plus C, referring to how Attention and memory sits at the heart of how we create brand Trust to drive Awareness, Consideration and Activation across the marketing brand funnel.

Justin Gibbons commented: “This book is a call to arms. It is also a wake-up call about the gap between what media planners know to be best practice in creating sustainable brands, as referenced by leading marketing experts such as Binet and Field and Byron Sharp, and what actually happens in media departments solely focused on short-term return on investment. In our rapidly changing world, it analyses how brands can prosper and develop in a sustainable way. Now is the time to reassess and reinvent the way we do marketing”.

JCDecaux’s marketing teams have developed a brand new analytics tool for the UK, German and French markets with the support of Kantar, and presented it during the global webinar. The tool’s first main takeaways were revealed thanks to a first round of interviews in October involving a representative sample of 3,000 individuals. All three countries have taken different approaches to handling the pandemic, which have had greatly differing impacts on their respective public behaviour. However, with media perception, results seen across the three markets are remarkably consistent. The public media are seen as trustworthy and positive, whilst the private media are recognised for their personalised messages. On average, 2/3 of interviewees pointed out their positive perception of public media, including outdoor advertising.

Isabelle Schlumberger, Executive Vice-President, Sales, Marketing and Development, JCDecaux France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Israel, said: “With this fresh perspective on media planning, Justin Gibbons’ research provides brands with an impactful strategic focus. In such trying times for us all, one of the key ingredients for brand success is to understand and unlock a winning formula that leverages private and public media alike”.

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About the author

• Justin Gibbons studied History at Edinburgh University and University College London before starting his career as a researcher at Synovate. He went on to work as a recruiter, Media Planner and Media Strategist for some of the most ground-breaking agencies in the UK, including PHS, Havas and creative boutique George & Dragon.
• He founded Work Research, a business specialising in media research, in 2006.
• In 2018 and 2019, Justin co-authored the publications The Brand Gap and Bridging the Brand Gap with Tony Regan, his partner at Work Research.
• Justin has worked on research projects for businesses including Channel 4, ITV, JCDecaux UK, News UK and Global.

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