Encourage Consumer Interaction with OOH

The best OOH advertising encourages consumer action and seamlessly ties into online advertising channels.

With knowledge of how consumers interact with both brands and the physical world around them a commute path can be transformed into a carefully crafted set of touch points and experiences that direct qualified consumers towards the conversion, wherever that may take place.

Most advertisers limit their thoughts on out of home to just billboards or taxi ads, but the world of OOH is so much bigger than that. Once a brand can embrace the idea that technology has erased any previous boundary between advertising and point-of-purchase, they realize how many opportunities to directly connect to consumers they’ve missed.

Keep it simple

Keep this in mind, less is always more. People have only a second or two to look at OOH ads

The OBIE Awards honor creative excellence in the OOH industry. Does your OOH campaign have the creative strength to defy the odds?

If you are writing it down…

As it was mentioned above, show less with higher impact. Six or eight words are enough.

Choose the best area

Spend your budget wisely. Highly populated areas with high-traffic are better places to put up outdoor ads; they are more expensive but at the same time they are more effective.

Make it attractive

Design is a very important part of billboards and all kinds of OOH ads. Attractive and creative designs will have more effect on customers’ perceptions.

OOH is prime position to catch people when they are in a more absorbent state of mind. By delivering all these desirable and lucrative audiences at scale, OOH gets brands seen and, more importantly, remembered.

Putting up a successful billboard or any kind of outdoor advertisement, get help from a company that knows your target audiences better than themselves; you can trust us.

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