Lego s New Music-Video App For Kids

Lego has partnered with

Universal Music to develop a music video-making app for kids. Vidiyo, available from March 2021, will allow users to shoot, edit and share their own music videos set to tracks from a selection of the label’s artists.

Kids can choose a song from the app’s library and access a range of audio clips, digital effects and animations to create a 60-second video. The app blends physical and digital play by using tiles, bricks and collectible characters called minifigures to enhance the experience. Body image for Lego makes music-video app for kids too young for TikTok

Bands can be assembled by using the app’s augmented reality (AR) feature to scan minifigures, which are then brought to life as characters on screen. Stages built from Lego bricks, cardboard or craft materials can also be recreated in the digital environment, while a new collection of tiles called Lego BeatBits can be used to access special effects, animations and audio clips. There are also features allowing users to style band members, unlock signature dance moves and design album artwork.

The app also features a social feed that allows users to share short clips with friends and family. The app is aimed at children aged seven-to-10 years old and is designed with safety in mind – it can only be downloaded with verified parental consent and all content shared must pass moderation. The toy maker’s partnership with Universal Music was first announced in April 2020. At launch the app will feature songs from some of the label’s chart-topping artists including Mabel, Marshmello and Imagine Dragons.


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