MasterCard: Wildlife Impact Card

MasterCard: Wildlife Impact Card to highlight your short time frame to help protect wildlife

Help build a future we can all live in – Wildlife Impact Card by MasterCard

Brand invites you to send a virtual Wildlife Impact gift card to friends and loved ones, which can be used everywhere Debit Mastercard® is accepted.

Each card features a Critically Endangered animal, along with an expiry date that highlights just how short the timeframe is for protecting these animals from extinction. For every card purchased, a $1 donation will go to Conservation International to help protect wildlife and the habitats of many Critically Endangered Species including the Sunda Pangolin, African Forest Elephant, Peruvian Yellow-Tailed Woolly Monkey, and the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur.

The first card offerings launch in the U.S. in partnership with USIO, with virtual prepaid cards available now to be added to any mobile wallet. Coming this summer, these physical cards are made of eco-friendly materials to keep expired cards from contributing to plastic pollution. In the meantime, virtual cards can be used to shop online or can be added to a mobile wallet for in-store purchases.

Many Critically Endangered species may go extinct by the time these cards expire. In partnership with Conservation International, Mastercard is turning the card expiration date into a tool to create awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife.

“As a company committed to fostering a sustainable future for all, we believe an important aspect of that is to protect Critically Endangered species and the habitats in which they live,” said Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, MasterCard. “Through our strong partnership with Conservation International, one of the world’s leading conservation organizations, we’ve created a way to connect consumers to their passion for wildlife and the natural world, enabling them to contribute and make an impact.”

“Every extinction is a tragedy — for the species, for nature, and for people,” said Dr. M.Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International. “Wildlife is critical to securing benefits like cleaner water and more fertile soils. When we destroy animal habitats, we don’t just put these benefits at risk; we create entirely new challenges to our health and our ability to address climate change. Saving nature has always been about saving ourselves, which is why we are proud to partner with MasterCard to provide a simple way for consumers to take immediate action to help protect wildlife and their habitats.”


Client: MasterCard

Advertising Agency: McCann XBC, United States of America


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