Nordic Insurer Hedvig Encourages Students To Take Bad Decisions

Nordic Insurer Hedvig Encourages Students To Take Bad Decisions

The insurance company Hedvig, which offers home insurance in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, is investing heavily in students in a new Scandinavian campaign.

Hedvig is an insurance company that was launched in 2018 and offers home insurance. The company is active in Sweden, Denmark and Norway with plans to expand further into Europe. Today, 70,000 people are insured with Hedvig. A majority of Hedvig's members are under 30 years of age.

This week, a new semester begins for hundreds of thousands of students around the Nordic region. In connection with this, many people move away from home or change homes. With the new campaign "Go get in trouble", Hedvig wants to remind students that student time is about so much more than the studies themselves.

T- Now that many have started a new semester, or perhaps a completely new school, we want to remind you that this time in life is about more than the stress over school. It's a time to be young, stupid, and maybe not always make the smartest decisions. Life gets more fun that way, comments Maja Stampe, copywriter at Hedvig.

The campaign message "Go get in trouble" has been set up in outdoor units in student cities in different parts of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In addition, campaign merchandise will be distributed and physical activations will be carried out on campus in all countries.

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