Agency Hungry and Foolish and bank BNP Paribas celebrate small business

“Not all heroes wear capes” is a well-worn adage, and it appears to be a central insight to a clever new outdoor campaign by French agency Hungry and Foolish for bank BNP Paribas.

The agency took over billboard ads outside of closed cinemas across Paris, Lyon, Nice, Cannes, Strasbourg and Dijon with posters of everyday shopkeepers transformed into movie stars. The activation, which launched April 12 and will run until May 4, features poster-style headshots of 42 genuine small-business owners in a celebration of their resilience throughout the pandemic.

Hungry and Foolish, BNP Paribas

The campaign aims to support cinemas—which have been closed for several months due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions—as well as small businesses, which have also felt the brunt of crowd-limiting efforts to tackle the virus, the agency said.

Each ad location has been targeted to promote the shopkeepers within their own neighborhoods, Loïc Andria, creative at Hungry and Foolish, told Adweek.

To make the artwork look as authentic as possible, Hungry and Foolish worked with Cannes Film Festival photographer Marcel Hartmann and movie poster designer agency Rysk on the campaign.

“The thing we really like is that shopkeepers and cinemas from the same neighborhood [are helping] each other,” Andria added. The agency made a short digital film detailing the campaign:

A selection of the posters in closer detail can be viewed below:


Client: BNP ParibasAdvertising Agency: Hungry and Foolish, Paris, France

Creative director: Emmanuel François-Eugène

Art Director: Benoît Métivier

Copywriter: Loic Andria

CEO: Matthieu Reinartz

Strategic Planning: Enguerran Barreau

Account Manager: Alexandre Pecard

Project Manager: Caroline Guillier

Photographer: Marcel Hartmann

Poster Artist: Rysk

Producer: Patricia Chemoul

Source: Adweek

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