OOH Best Creative Last Week Today - Part 2

OOH Best Creative Last Week Today

The top 5 OOH creative executions that came to our attention last week.

1.Timberland incorporates 2D & 3D elements in their latest OOH campaign. | PHD, Grand Visual, Talon Outdoor, Clear Channel UK & BUILDHOLLYWOOD.

Timberland Billboard, Don't Cry Over Split Milk

2.There’s just something so alluring about a hand-painted wallscape. | Invesco, RichmixLondon, Global Street Art (Agency)

Team, painting over mural, new ad from Invesco Mural Invesco, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, Times change, Invesco

3.Catch Postmates dominating Fifth + Broadway’s digital network. | Pearl Media

Ads from Postmate Billboard and Kiosk Advertising

4.Colossal Media promoting craftsmanship on the blockchain with Zora.

5. Corona Canada’s latest billboard takes on an environmental angle, collecting plastic in the St. Lawrence River. | Corona Canada, Anomaly, Dentsu.

Corona Billboard, on Lawrence River, This Billboard removes plastic waste from this river

Via OOH Today

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