Finnish retailer ran an optical illusion on the front page of a newspaper. Retailer HOK-Elanto wants to help Finns visualize six feet of social distance.

The ads creators admit that Finns generally dont need encouragement when it comes to social distance. Several campaigns in recent years have played off the fact that residents of the sparsely populated Nordic country are known for avoiding small talk and even standing about six feet apart when waiting at bus shelters (even if its raining or snowing).

Despite Finns’ default preference for social distance, the retailer and agency felt the message was still a worthy reminder as the government eases restrictions over the next month.

“Unusual times bring their own challenges to what and how brands should communicate,” said Tuomas Ahola, HOK-Elanto’s communications and marketing director. “As a responsible company, we saw this as an opportunity to communicate about a subject that is close to our business in an insightful way.”

While Helsingin Sanomat was the media placement in this ad, the newspaper is also known as a savvy, globally admired advertiser in its own right. TBWA\Helsinki has worked with the newspaper on several high-profile efforts, including placing ads about freedom of the press along the routes used by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin en route to their Helsinki summit in 2018.

The newspaper and agency also created a Climate Pen in 2019, with ink made from carbon emissions, to be given to world leaders at the UN General Assembly meeting in Helsinki as a constant reminder of the ongoing climate crisis.

Most recently, TBWA\Helsinki was in the news for creating a 3D printed door handle from post-consumer recycled plastic. The handle, aimed at preventing the spread of viruses, can be added to existing doors to let visitors open them with an elbow or forearm rather than an exposed hand.

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Originally posted: ADWEEK

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