Tackling the pandemic hit

While some brands leaned heavily on in-house teams to quickly change course, others huddled with agency partners—and still others did both at once. But no matter how, brands were working overtime in those frantic first few days: reanalyzing each piece of content, assessing messaging in light of the sudden change in the global emotional temperature, and going back to the drawing board when necessary.

From ads made from recycled material and b-roll, to those created entirely on Zoom, let’s take a look at how brands are quickly responding to match the markets and audiences through this difficult times.

At Hershey’s headquarters in Pennsylvania, the in-house creative team made a list of every piece of social content for around a dozen brands to determine whether it was still appropriate in the new climate.

In Michigan, Ford’s in-house team had to come to terms with the fact that the messaging it had planned for that week was no longer relevant. Alongside agency partners, the brand created an entirely new campaign from the ground up over the course of three days.

And down in Miami, Popeyes went back to the basics. Working with its new agency of record, Gut, the company refocused its messaging on the simplest, but most vital line in the midst of city and statewide shutdowns across the country: “We’re open.”

This past week was full of so many companies across the country, stepping up and still posting messages, letting communities know they’re there, despite the circumstances. Standing strong in the face of that heavy voice echoing “is it worth it?”

We talked on our previous blog how it can take up to five years to recover from a reduction of marketing funds.

Maintaining ad spend during hard times is best to ensure long term brand growth. The OOH environment delivers superior ROI. For every $1 spent on OOH approximately $5.97 in sales is generated, outperforming digital display, print and radio.

MIn a world where most consumers spend 70% of their waking hours away from home, we need to think outside the box. Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective marketing method s compared to digital advertising , OOH is hard to be missed or blocked.

But is there a DELETE in Out-Of-Home? The answer is yes. Sure, we can argue that print can’t be deleted and point out impression counts to confirm the number of times an ad will be viewed. But if we do not provide engaging and thought-provoking copy, then we have squandered that advantage. We need to be creative not only in our ads but in our businesses as well. Something that sets you apart from everyone else. You can download a copy of our Guide to Outdoor to get you started in your campaign process.

As scary as it is, now might be a good time to take risks customers are still going to spend money but not with reckless abandonment. We have to show them that we are worth spending money on.

With these tips in mind, realize that you’re not alone in this process. On every step of the way BM Outdoor Media is with you. Working from home our better called “our office” we would love  to pinpoint the best location for your advertising, and make your outdoor advertising experience successful and stress-free.

For more information on OOH and DOOH advertising, and how can we help with your next campaign, contact us today at 210-610-5012 or email service@bmoutdoor.com


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