Prime Video and The Illusion Of 3D Billboards

OOH is the oldest form of advertising, but just because is old it doesnt mean it hasnt keep up with time.

As technology advances so does OOH advertising.

Prime Video debuted an illusion in London's Piccadilly Circus at Ocean Outdoor's Piccadilly Lights site. Each location was heavily scouted for positioning, light pollution and sight lines to perfectly execute this campaign.

The campaign will also run in key markets,including New York's Big Kahuna in Times Square and Tokyo's Cross Shinjuku Vision.

This live- action performance was created into each scene, Pike's hands were shot to create the effect of channeling powers and then rebuilt them in CGI.

"For the first time, we captured a live-action shoot with star Rosamund Pike, combining it with show quality VFX and bespoke 3D animation. In doing so, we have again broken the format of OOH 3D anamorphic illusions and brought The Wheel of Time to life for audiences like no show before."

This is something never seen before, the campaign includes high impact placements across TV, OOH and social, targeting a global mass-market audience.

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