Away, the luggage company, introduced its first pet carrier last week.

Targeting four pet-dense cities—Boston, Chicago, New York and San Francisco. Away is using out-of-home (OOH) wild posting, near places pets frequent, like dog parks.

To market the new bag, the DTC luggage brand’s marketers got inside the heads of the pups & kittens it was designed for using scented posters at “dog height.” The posters were painted with a scented coating to ensure that pet will notice the outdoor ad when walking by the locations. Geopath reports that pets are not counted in standard OOH measurement.

The scents for each poster aligned with the destination featured; such as, the Buenos Aires poster smells like steak, Cairo smells like catnip and Yosemite is scented with cedar. We wonder, as a dog owner ourselves, if an urine scent might have been a more effective selection with the ‘Pee on a Sequoia’ creative. It is effective creative despite the fact the actual product is not shown in the message.

OOH specialist agency Quan partnered with Away.

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Source: OOH Today

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