Vespa Welcomes Riders Back

Illustrations resurrect Vespizzatevi tagline for the first time since the 1950s. By Sara Spary

Vespa, the famous Italian scooter brand, has welcomed bikers back to the roads with a delightful new global poster campaign by BBH London, which captures the post-war spirit of the 1950s.

The campaign brings back Vespa’s slogan “Vespizzatevi” (“Let’s Vespa” in English) for the first time since in decades and aims to capture a sense of joy as many countries around the world begin to ease Covid-19 lockdown measures. Vespa’s brand values, BBH said, have always stood for “a sense of freedom, joy and spontaneity” and the poster campaign, which has launched in the U.K. and Italy, is designed to capture that.

Titled “Together at Last,” the campaign celebrates the reunion between people and what they’ve missed during lockdown–whether that be riding to work in the sunshine, escaping the city, or simply reuniting with friends, BBH said in a statement about the campaign.

Paul Thurlby / Vespa

Agostino Iacurci / Vespa

Sebastian Curi / Vespa

Being released with a phased approach to reflect the easing of local lockdown rules, the campaign comprises four executions created by a separate illustrator: Paul Thurlby, Quentin Monge, Agustino Iacurci and Sebastien Curi. It aims to emulate Vespa’s distinctive advertising from the 1950s with a contemporary twist. The out-of-home campaign will be supported by press and social, while the ad illustrations will be featured within the Piaggio Group Museum in Pontedera.


Agency: BBH London

Creative team: Wil Maxey & Marc Rayson

Creative director and head of art: Pablo González de la Peña

Senior strategist: Aarohi Dhir

Strategy director: John Harrison

Chairman: Jon Peppiatt

Senior account director: Peter Blaseby

Account manager: Francesca Somerville

Account executive: Ella McNicholas

Producer: Pippa White

Typographer and designer: Charley Ray

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