Vw Combines Tv And Gaming For Golf Launch Campaign

Car manufacturer promotes latest vehicle with TV ad that transforms into a mobile racing event

To promote its new Golf GTI, Volkswagen turned a TV ad into an interactive competition that gives viewers the chance to race the vehicle live on mobile against everyone watching the same ad break.

Created by agencies Tribal in Sydney, DDB Sydney and game development studio Art of Play, people can take part in the Golf Ad Break Championship by simply watching TV and keeping an eye out for Volkswagen’s 30-second spot.

Filmed to look like you are driving along a track, the TVC features a QR code that people are encouraged to scan on their smartphone. Participants are then redirected to a dedicated site where they are immediately entered into a race that lasts the length of the entire ad break (approximately three minutes), along with any other viewers that scanned the code.

If they finish the race and beat the qualifying time, players are entered into a draw to win the GTI.

To help people hone their skills before the race, Volkswagen designed three scenic tracks for people to practice on. Users can access these by scanning the QR codes on OOH billboards that the brand placed in typically ‘boring’ places such as train station platforms and bus shelters. Or, people can visit vwgolfadbreak.com.au to get access to the QR code.

The practice site allows people to customise their own Golf GTI and has a host of information about the vehicle’s features.

People can also see via the site when the next race is going to take place and which channel they need to tune in to in order to see the ad. There are eight races taking place with the first one having been held on 19 July and the last due to take place on 21 August across networks Channel Ten, Fox Sports and Kayo.

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