Why Sports Marketing and Outdoor Advertising Make a Great Team

When it comes to sports, fans can get very… passionate about their home teams.

Whether it’s to watch their favorite athletes competing on the field, court, or ice, fans glue themselves to their TVs, hang on to the edges of bar stools, or isolate themselves in office corners just to keep up with every moment of drama. More recently, fans from all over the country have also been able to follow the games on the go. No longer confined to just the Jumbotron, brands are leveraging digital out of home and transit advertising to deliver timely, contextual game content in creative ways. And sports lovers are paying attention.

Here’s how advertisers are combining sports marketing and out of home to win their audiences over:

SEPTA and Eagles Fly Together

The Philadelphia Eagles took the city and country by storm in the lead-up and eventual championship of the Super Bowl. With a multi-phase promotional execution of bus ads, rail media, and digital out of home, the Eagles leveraged SEPTA advertising to build momentum throughout the season and connect with audiences on social media using #FlyEaglesFly. The Eagles first introduced the season by highlighting players in high-impact ads around the city. They then increased viewership for pre-season games by displaying tune-in times on digital bus shelters and digital urban panels. To keep the hype up, they continued to connect with fans by displaying real-time score updates during games. To bridge the offline with online channels, the Eagles then drove traffic to their social media by featuring real-life fans in their out of home creative. From the start of the season until the epic finale, the Eagles engaged fans, commuters, and passersby every step of the way through bold, dynamic, and timely sports content.

King James Dominates LA Metro

To commemorate LeBron James’ first home game on October 20th as a Los Angeles Laker, Nike and the LA Metro have transformed the Blue & Expo lines’ Pico Station — just two blocks away from the Staples Center — to “LeBron Station” for one day. Paired with a nearby station domination at 7th/Metro Station in Downtown LA, the stunt captured the attention of millions of riders, garnering tons of social media engagement and local TV news coverage. Through a partnership with LA Metro advertising, Nike replaced “Pico” with signage of “LeBron” and ‘Just Do It’ throughout the station, and immersed riders at 7th/Metro with a complete station domination of LeBron’s photos as a child and pro athlete.

Countdown to Kickoff with Crown Royal

Crown Royal introduced the NFL season in the Twin Cities with a multi-layer Metro Transit Advertising campaign designed to reach football fans leading up to and during this year’s Vikings games. Crown Royal’s signature purple branding dominated commuter sight lines through a station domination at US Bank Stadium, a full train wrap, as well as dynamic digital platform creative showing real-time game scores. By bringing their campaign outdoors, Crown Royal increased fan excitement throughout the season and garnered nearly 20MM impressions throughout the eight week campaign run.

Brands and advertisers are increasingly finding the value in taking their sports campaigns outdoors. Highlighting athlete profiles, displaying game scores in real time, and taking over entire stations can make fans feel proud of not just their teams, but their cities. In this way, advertisers can build stronger connections with their audiences and become the unofficial cheerleaders via out of home.


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