Getting to the Heart of the Airport Passenger

Top 5 Reasons Why It Works

Think back to your last trip through an airport. How did you feel when you arrived at the airport? Excited? Anxious? Eager to shop? An environment like no other, the airport is a place where people are positive, excited, receptive, and where advertising is part of the journey. Discover what makes airport advertising fly.

It taps into receptive and excited passengers

Airport passengers are an alert, excited and receptive audience within a captive setting. The nature of the travel activity means that they are also in a positive mindset, which means that brands at the airport have a chance to reach a high concentration of people who welcome messaging and pay extra attention to it compared to in their everyday lives.

It reaches key influential decision makers in ‘business mode’

The airport is a place filled with high-flying (literally) professionals on their way to and from business meetings. They are focused on recent or upcoming business events and are inevitably tuned into messaging that reflects their mindset and ideas at the time.

. It uses the unique airport context to add ‘perceived brand value’

People often associate the airport with a high-flying lifestyle and therefore the brands that advertise in this environment, which is also often filled with luxury retailers, add to the impression of prestige and premium quality of the product.

It is displayed on sites that complement passenger mindsets and ad budgets

Airport’s premium image is reinforced by top of the line OOH furniture and its digital capabilities. Unrestricted, brands can create custom eye-catching executions with unmissable messaging and flawless delivery that complements consumers’ high expectations and their shopping behaviour within this high-value environment.

It engages passengers during long dwell times

At the airport, brands have an opportunity to engage with people who in any other setting would often be too distracted with their daily tasks and routines. But being in a captive setting for long periods of time, gives brands a chance to communicate and tell stories that they would otherwise not have enough time for.

By using OOH as a media platform, brands can engage with consumers by advertising in the right environment, and ensuring that they provide immersive experiences for their customers.

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