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Questions about OOH Media

How long is my message displayed for?

Typically static billboards are booked for a minimum of 28 days (4 week display ). You can book one site for multiple months or several and move your billboard vinyl from site to site to give greater coverage.

Digital billboards can be booked for a minimum of 7 days (1 week display). Each individual digital billboard has 6, 8 or 10 slots to purchase. Depending on the individual council regulations, each slot may also vary in length of time allocated. Typically most slots are either 8 seconds or 10 seconds.

What is an appropriate planning window for my campaign?

Generally you should plan billboards three months in advance, bearing in mind some billboard locations may book out six to twelve months in advance. You should allow yourself approximately one month for the creative process and printing of the billboard vinyl. On occasion, we can have some last minute advertising opportunities prior to each posting period, in this case the whole process can be booked and turned around in less than a week.

What is the process to get my advertisement on the billboard?

  • Source availability and book billboard sites.
  • Create artwork - ask us for artwork specifications or we can do it for you.
  • Production of billboard print - ask us for specifications (site specific) and for a production quote.
  • Installation of billboard vinyl.

Do BM Outdoor prepare the artwork for my campaign?

Yes. Although a majority of our clients have their own designer, we offer an in-house creative service. The standard charge for billboard artwork covers art direction, design and copywriting work. If you require artwork for any other purpose ask us for a quote.

Questions to ask yourself when planning billboard advertising.

  1. Who am I trying to target? Where is my client base?
  2. Are you branding? Launching a new product or service? Moved location?
  3. What is the timing of the campaign?
  4. What is the budget for your campaign? (Needs to include site rental, production, installs, creative).
  5. How will you measure the success of the campaign?

Can I move my billboard vinyl from one site to another?

Yes. The same vinyl skin can be moved easily from one billboard site to another, providing the site size dimensions are the same.

What happens to the billboard print when my campaign is finished?

Once your advertising campaign has finished, the billboard vinyl is carefully taken down and upon your request, we can store it for you for three months, free of charge. After that period we will either recycle the vinyl or at your request, have it shipped to you.

>How much does a billboard cost?

There are thousands of billboards located throughout the US, and costs range dramatically depending on site size, locations, timing, traffic volumes and popularity. However with each and every site, there are three main costs to consider;

  1. The lease of the billboard per period (28 days)
  2. The print production of the vinyl.
  3. The installation of the billboard vinyl onto the billboard face.

The smaller sites range from approximately $1,900 to $3,600 per month, print cost is approximately $500 and installation starts at $395 per site. On the other end of the scale, some of the largest sites have a market lease rate of over $100,000 per period (28 days).

How do I measure the results?

The Outdoor advertising industry utilizes a revolutionary audience measurement system called weekly impressions, that measures the total traffic passing by a particular billboard and delivers an accurate understanding of the number of people who will actually see the billboard. This measurement includes the reach and frequency of viewing. In order to further understand your individual business conversions, we recommend directing people to a unique phone number or web page url, or listing a specific offer shown only on the billboard face.

Where are the billboards located?

There are thousands of billboards located nationwide. Please feel free to give us your specific target areas, and we will provide a list of sites suited to your budget and marketing requirements, you can also search our map here.

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