Get Your X-mas on With OOH Advertising

With the holiday season nearing and with sales surging over $1 trillion, businesses cant ignore this ideal time to advertise.

Its that time of the year where there is increased competition on the street and online.

Why is OOH perfectly tailored to help you take advantage during the holidays?

Consider the following statistics, gathered by different polling sites like the OAAA or Nielsen.

  • 3 out of 4 people make impulse purchases around the holidays.
  • People out of home have a 33% heightened alertness compared with people in home
  • 68% of buyers frequently make purchasing decisions while driving

Now is a good time to start advertising but it’s important to time your Christmas advertising according to your customer base. The holiday season is stronger over the winter months, considering not just Christmas but Black Friday and Cyber Monday and for some, the season starts prior to Halloween.

When done right, large format print can be especially effective during the festive period to turn potential customers into converted customers.

Its worth timing your holiday campaign, but how do your business stand out from other competing for customers? Follow up this simple tips that could pair with your outdoor


1.- Customers still prefer to shop in store, so be sure to include sale dates for particular offers that are scheduled to run during the festive season.

2.- Seasonal ads that chime with this busy period with eye catching and creative arts, are highly successful but avoid false urgency.

3.- Don´t forget to advertise your website and online store.

4.- Getting your audience to feel something is crucial.

5.- Know your audience, well-chosen locations where you can easily reach them is crucial to attract new customers but don't forget your existing ones.

6.- Most IMPORTANTLY, don't forger to book your placements in advance if you want to advertise for Christmas.

 Take advantage of the physicality of Out-Of-Home environment and make sure to be relevant and in touch with the season. We can always help you develop and choose the right OOH and DOOH placements, contact us today at 210-610-5012 or email Do you want to be featured or share our content? Email our marketing team:

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