Green Is The New Black

Centered around cannabis consumption, theres a new kind of celebration attached to the Thanksgiving holiday week: Green Wednesday.

As shoppers head out to prepare for Black Friday sales and Thanksgiving, they also are upping their purchases of marijuana products as well.

The stoner's holiday, April 20th (410) is the biggest sale day of the year, but Green Wednesday get the second place. The software company Akerna, forecasts sales of $251 million legal cannabis products over the four-day holiday from Nov. 24-27, "a 60% increase over daily average sales," with $90 million on Green Wednesday alone, "a 78% spike from daily averages." 1 in 3 Americans live in a legalized state and buying patterns show a sales increase near the holidays. While California is the most well know state of consumption; stores in Colorado, Nevada and Washington state also experience a sales bump.

From edibles to pre-rolls, weed consumers are stocking up and on the look for discounted products. Going beyond the seasonal promotions and discounts, dispensaries around the country are taking advantage of advertising and the slow unveiling of highly anticipated brands and products. Along with online ordering, delivery and click to collect, shops continue to thrive in the retail industry. Some stores continue their deals through Black Friday and even Cyber Monday. Marketers should never miss an opportunity and with Cannabis being legalized in more states, this represents a big chance to get brands out there. And if you're stocking up with marijuana gifts, you better bake an extra pie. Contact us today at 210-610-5012 or email Do you want to be featured or share our content? Email our marketing team:

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