How to Choose the Right Advertising Channel?

How would you stand out in the market? The answer is simple with creative campaigns. But what if the campaign does not reach your targeted audiences because you didn’t plan about the media mix.

But what if the campaign does not reach your targeted audiences because you didn’t plan about the media mix. That is a nightmare for many companies and agency, thus, it isn’t necessary for you to plan the strategy but you should also think through the media planning and buying.

Media Planning is deciding and planning a procedure of how you will distribute your advertisement or campaign in different media platforms. It is the basic procedure to decide the campaign, the how about, budget and platform for your ad to run. It is really important to think through because most times without proper strategy your whole campaign can be a loss. So a plan well in advance is advantageous.

Whereas, Media Buying is acting upon your planning and buying to book space for your ads on different media mix platforms like TV, radio, social media or print media.

Choosing the right media mix should be the focus point of your strategy. Lets take a closer look on few of mixes you could consider while planning.


OOH aka out-of-house advertising i.e. outdoor ads, they have been the oldest form of advertising. People have been using banners, posters or just word of mouth to distribute their ads. People are out of their house in a week for a minimum of 17 hours at least. So it is easy to target people through outdoor banners, as maximum people do tend to remember outdoor ads.


Radio is an universal medium, enjoyed by most people at least one time during the day. Radio ads could be difficult to make an impact due to lack of visual content however, jingles and continues ads through the channel helps audiences to catch the brand easily. Radio ad spots are comparatively inexpensive as compared to the other mediums these days.


Newspapers or magazines provide people with different stories, current events or articles for people to read. Print media is a traditional medium but has a wider reach. Finding spots in newspaper is easy and depending on your choice of paper you could get a new reach of audiences at local or national level. However, you should understand and know well in advance which section you should choose to reach your targeted audience. As well your print media ad is advantageous because it can showcase more information.


TV ads or campaigns are expensive but have the highest reach. With the current challenges like different channels coming up or sites like Netflix or amazon prime it is difficult to get your space and proper reach. Therefore before placing you should always select your time slot and think of an unique ad campaign.


YouTube, Facebook or other social sites gives you a wider reach, more like a worldwide reach within few hours span. Ads are inexpensive and affordable, plus social sites use search engine therefore your ads are placed exactly in front of your targeted audience. The advantage of social media campaigns is that if your ad is effective people will react and share on it much more easily than other media mix.

So on a personal note, take your time, think through and plan carefully each step for your campaign and then go ahead to promote it. In the end your creativeness, hard work with the right platform will be success for you and your brand.

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