M&Ms Inclusive Rebrand

M&Ms Inclusive Rebrand

The times are changing, and so are M&M’s well-known mascots.

In an effort to better align with today’s emphasis on inclusivity and belonging, the 80-year-old brand has given its cast of candy characters a modern makeover. These multi-colored button-shaped chocolates candies that have an ‘m’ written on them and are represented by anthropomorphized characters, are getting rebranded to be more ‘inclusive‘. .

Red, for instance, will be less bossy. Orange will acknowledge and embrace his anxiety. Green, who will come across as more confident, has traded in knee-high boots for casual sneakers, while Brown has transitioned from high stilettos to lower block heels and a fresh pair of glasses.

At the same time, the company will stop attaching prefixes to the characters’ names to prompt people to focus more on their unique personalities rather than their gender.

M&M announced the revamp on one of its recent Instagram posts, writing: “Allow us to re-introduce ourselves if you’re new here! We’re M&M’S, the candy you know and love, but this space is all about our brand being for all funkind. Together, we can use the power of fun to create a world where we all belong. All welcome here.”

The revised identity will take pride of place not only on the iconic product itself but in retail environments and associated campaigns to introduce the public to the new look.

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