The Many Faces of Outdoor Advertising.

The dramatic effect of outdoor advertising helps marketers create cut-through and capture consumer attention in a world where other messages struggle to get through.

Less appreciated is the variety of marketing objectives it can achieve.

As brands have shown recently, outdoor has applications at different stages of the purchase funnel and can execute on several elements of a marketing strategy.

1. Creating interest via experiences

2. Providing product education

3. Brand repositioning

4. Communicating brand purpose

5. Unveiling a new identity

The objective of outdoor is not to go viral on social, it’s to build awareness and increase engagement. Educate people on how your product/company works should always be part of your communications plan, aim to attract new consumers, as well as die-hard fans.

In a world of digital advertising, social media and high-profile TV slots, outdoor advertising offers the scale and theatricality to drive not just mass awareness but also consideration and intent to purchase. Outdoor not only gives scale, it helps us connect to audiences

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