Save Tab Soda: A Run Against Time

Save Tab Soda: A Run Against Time

After nearly 60 years Coca-Cola has decided to discontinue Tab Soda, which acquired a huge fan base in the 70s and 80s and maintained a small but devoted following through the years.

Launched in 1963 as Coca-Cola’s first diet drink, began to decline back in 1982 when Diet Coke came on the market.

Tab is one of several "underperforming" products Coke has said it is eliminating from its brand lineup by the end of the year as the company seeks to streamline production and focus on bestsellers.

Coke isn't alone in culling its brand lineup. Many food and beverage companies are cutting back on their product offerings during the pandemic to make their operations more efficient and meet growing demand for their most popular items.

A petition to bring back Tab has garnered nearly 1,100 signatures, and the committee is currently raising money for billboards in Coke's home city, Atlanta, that will blast its message to passing motorists and any Coke executives who drive by.

And, of course, they've launched a petition, which has collected over 4,000 signatures. Despite the enthusiasm from Tab devotees, and despite their desperate pleas and digital urging, the Coca-Cola Company doesn't seem to be budging.

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