The Science Behind Black Friday

Advertising has always played an important role in people’s minds to shop on Black Friday and to get ready for the holiday season ahead.

Black Friday is coming up fast, so how are brands encouraging their consumers to spend on bargains?

This years festive season is a bit different, we continue to have a uncertainty about the impact of COVID around the country. Although retail has seen a strong rebound amid vaccination and government stimulus, this year circumstances are very different. Brands need to understand consumer behaviors, including attention spans and attitudes. Marketers face a challenge during this season, between limited ROI and turning consumer’s interest into sales.

Based on the above, its worth taking a deep insight of the science behind media strategies during Black Friday and seasonal sales.

Get The Attention

Black Friday is used by many companies and business as a pinpoint to boost sales and it makes the start of Christmas shopping. This day is a masterclass in behavioural science. It combines marketing techniques like priming, social proof and loss aversion to engage consumers.

A great example is the brand: Reese’s. According to a social study, consumers were asked to name candy brands before Halloween. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups came first, but just a week later they came in third. Most likely to be related to the abundance of orange color prior to Halloween. This ensures Reese’s to be number one at selling candy in the US during this holiday.

Why OOH?

Outdoor advertising is a great medium to get people’s attention. Because of its less intrusive nature, people don’t get tired of repeatedly seeing an advertisement unlike when they see them online. But eventually, people DO get tired of the same advertising and it will become less effective.

Black Friday builds a sense of anticipation and everyone is talking about it. Marketers need to balance their advertising against frequency levels. Extending the life of a campaign can help ensure its effectiveness.

It’s not just talking about your business, other consumers need to know about it too. That’s why advertising is so powerful, but for it to be effective you have to know other people have seen it.

Loss Aversion

Black Friday advertising urges consumer’s not to miss out on bargains. Resulting in frivolous purchases. We can say is centered around not on what consumer needs but rather what they might risk losing out

When properly applied, loss aversion can be a powerful marketing tool.

A clever use of outdoor advertising during Black Friday and prior to it, can ensure a boost of sales during this sopping season. Knowing the behavior of your consumers and the use of data for marketing can be an effective way to have a winning festive season for your brand.

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