The Science Behind A Good Billboard

The Science Behind A Good Billboard

Humans are visual creatures, so much that in fact the unconscious mind plays a big role in influencing our decisions.

Have you ever wondered…why some advertisings tend to be more memorable than others? What separates a good, remarkable sign or advertisement from the forgotten?

Aside from being visual creatures, we have short attention spans and need information quickly. Designing for Out-Of-Home is a whole different type of design specialty.

Billboards are a challenging medium but a prominent, remarkable and great marketing tool, when well executed. To be effective they need to be bold, creative and the most difficult challenge of all, the ability to communicate in brevity. In average you have 6 seconds to make an impression.

Learning the psychology behind Outdoor advertising, is a the spinal to a successful OOH marketing campaign. Here are 4 key points of how billboards can drive recognition and reinforce key messaging in the minds of consumers

Your Brain Notices Things Whether You're Viewing It Or Not

This may seem strange but your unconscious mind, can comfortably process up to 11 million pieces of information per second while the conscious mind can process just 40 pieces of data during the same period of time, making it less capable of handling large volumes of information in real-time. According to the OAAA  it’s estimated that at least 71% of the population regularly look at billboards and consciously processed the featured messaging. Even though your target audience might not realize it, they're actively looking at your advertising!

Use Color To Your Advantage

Billboards provide a big canvas to share an impactful message. This not only means to use big images in your advertising but to use vibrant and eye-catching color and fonts that look good from far away. Remember to relate to your brand’s visual identity and palette. You can use the psychology of color to influence the minds of your audience and trigger a specific response, depending on the purpose of the advert and its key messaging.

Billboards Can Be Emotional

To successfully engage your target audience, you need to invest in messaging and marketing that can trigger an emotional response. Data suggests that customers do not always have a rational thought behind their purchase decisions and that about 50% of all buying decisions rely on emotions such as thirst, hunger and an underlying desire for belonging. The use of compelling images and narrative can have a significant influence on the subconscious mind.

Create Awareness, Familiarity and Higher Conversion Rates

Nielsen research states that outdoor advertising is established as one of the most trusted advertising mediums compared to online advertising.

  • 56%of customers implicitly trust this medium
  • 58% to prioritize brands that they’re already familiar with.
  • In fact 82% of customers choose a familiar brand to complete their purchase.

With this in mind, billboards are a highly trusted and visible channel. Shoppers seek out brands that they know and trust to help them solve their queries and billboards are capable of engaging customers abd build loyalty over time. An outdoor advertising campaign translates into a higher rate of conversions for brands.

In the end, the purpose of billboard advertising is to create consciousness in the public, so that when they think of a product or a service, they think of your brand.

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