Whats The Deal With Programmatic OOH?

To fully understand programmatic OOH, its important to remember that it isnt a different channel of digital Out-Of-Home but rather a different way to buy digital OOH.

Programmatic DOOH (often abbreviated to pDOOH) is a method of automating the buying process for DOOH ads, allowing buyers to bid on and buy ad space automatically based on certain conditions being met.

Out-of-home (OOH) media has been one of the media hardest hit by the Covid-19 crisis. But with consumers back on the street, pDOOH is the path to follow for digital marketers in 2021. Let break down the pDOOH process! How does it work? Programmatic DOOH uses a demand side platform (DSP) in order to programmatically buy, sell and deliver inventory in real-time. Compated to the traditional buying process, it's activation is easy and more efficient because you're purchasing from several suppliers through one platform. And what about my audience or target? Programmatic creates measurable,highly-targeted campaigns by utilizing geolocation data, which translates to a better use of your budget by using real-time based on consumer behaviour and patterns. But can I measure my campaign's sucess? pDOOH has a revolutionized way of measuring campaigns through: Real-time in-flight campaign pacing Impressions served  Full-funnel attribution Brand awareness, lift or recall (via 3rd party surveys and partners) Intent & Consideration (via device graph partners) Footfall traffic and in-store visitation Outcomes based on first party data And the pricing?  Prices are  based on impressions delivered and in real-time not decided by inventory booking rates. Considereing you're not buying from only one supplier you get the best value per ad served. This ease of purchase also opens up pDOOH networks to smaller businesses that would not usually have the resources to purchase digital out-of-home media. Every impression is an opportunity. As consumers begin their ‘revenge spending’, brands need to be more discoverable than ever.  Contact us today at 210-610-5012 or email customerservice@bmoutdoor.com Do you want to be featured or share our content? Email our marketing team: marketing@bmoutdoor.com

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