Cost Effective

Not only optimizes revenue for the owner of the media unit, it also helps marketers save on expensive print costs and share media costs with multiple advertisers.

The ability to change creatives dynamically based on everything from outdoor weather conditions to flight arrivals is a huge advantage that DOOH brings. This offers a whole new level of flexibility to advertisers when it comes to dynamic creative display and personalization. Last but not the least, the fact that a single media unit is seen by multiple  audiences at the same time leads to what is called as the impressions multiplier’ effect.


All modern digital displays are weatherproof and ads can play all year round. Unlike physical display banners that wear and tear the creative (and often the display stand itself) during rain and wind, out of home advertising space are a much secure option.

Connect DOOH to Mobile

As DOOH evolves, one of the trends already at play is moving DOOH data to the cloud. An increasing ability to connect DOOH to mobile and other smart devices- from wearables to smartphones, whatever can connect to the cloud can help with smarter dynamic display on DOOH. One use-case of this is that since consumer information is stored on cloud, brands will be able to connect DOOH to their centralized customer data platform to re-target DOOH viewers once they go online.

Accurate Measurements  

Most demand side platforms for DOOH provide analytical dashboards on ad performance, locations of ad displays, play times for each ad, total spends etc. Today, companies like Snap (owned by Snapchat) are starting to offer innovative tech to correlate individual smartphone data with public display ads.

True Multimedia

Digitization of displays has resulted in more engaging video ad format- that tells a better story than just image banners, as is the case with traditional outdoor media placements. It is well-known that video ads greatly outperform static / print image ads, especially when it comes to grabbing attention of passing crowd. This lends itself well to the powerful combination of locational advertising and impulse purchasing behavior. Video formats, and increasingly, new formats like Augmented Reality and Holograms are critical to outdoor advertising success, and DOOH technology is making it all possible.

Better ROI

The complete elimination of ad printing requirements, low labor cost, coupled with stronger metrics and data on ad performance and associated dashboards - marketers free up resources, this leads to significantly higher return-on-investment (ROI) margins on overall advertising budget, more so in outdoor ad budget.

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Source: MTA

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