5 OOH trends to watch out for 2019

Industry research indicates that Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has a higher percentage reach than other major media, including the internet and TV.

The driving force behind the rise of OOH is growing urban populations.

Check out this useful trends that you can use for your next OOH campaign

Digital Out of Home

TThe rise of digital out-of-home advertising has been rapid over the last five years. In fact, according to PwC, digital out-of-home deployments will have increased by over 13% between 2014 and the end of 2019.

Specialist DOOH Networkst

As DOOH advertising increases in prominence across urban locations, expect to see the emergence of specialist networks, deployed in specific locations to target relevant audiences.

For example, advertisers looking to target financiers, are likely to consider a DOOH deployment in a city’s banking quarter.

Conect with people

With the growing number of communication channels, from online to Video on Demand, to social media.

More Big Brands

Expect to see a rise in big brands using out-of-home advertising.

With OOH advertising reaching mass audiences more than any other media, unsurprisingly, the world’s biggest brands have taken an interest. Expect to see more big brands using OOH in 2019, to reach audiences on an entirely different level.


Expect to see more touch screens, facial recognition technology and the gamification of DOOH deployments, as advertisers look to engage with audiences on a whole new level. Adding an interactive element to DOOH is proven to increase customer engagement, increase dwelling times, raise brand awareness and boost loyalty.

Why? Interactivity creates curiosity and makes OOH advertising much more memorable. The benefit of interactive DOOH deployments is that they’re a great way to gather audience data, personalize the advertising experience and give directional cues.

For example, an interactive DOOH deployment in a shopping mall is a great way for retailers to direct customers to their stores.

Recently, to coincide with International Women’s Day, Women’s Aid[3] launched an awesome DOOH campaign using facial recognition technology. The digital advert displayed a victim of domestic abuse, covered in bruises.

As more people stopped to look at the ad, the facial recognition technology would recognize that people were paying attention to the advert, and the bruises on the victim’s face would start to heal. This communicated the benefit of not turning a blind eye to domestic abuse.

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