A Guide to Out of Home Media

A Guide to Out Of Home Media

If you´re unsure about the value that OOH advertising can provide to your business, this is the guide for you.

“The key difference between outdoor advertising and other types of advertising: OOH reaches your audience while they’re outside".
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If you´re unsure about the value that OOH advertising can provide to your business, this is the guide for you. Outdoor advertising is incredibly effective, but it will depend on how you set your media plan. If you´re new to OOH advertising, this guide will help you to implement your first campaign.


Billboards might seem too traditional compared online. But this could not be further from the truth. OOH has evolved with the current technology allowing us to connect with consumers in different ways and without the hustle of ad blocking.

The key difference between outdoor advertising and other types of advertising: OOH reaches your audience while they’re outside. TV and online ads can reach audiences while they’re at home, but the reality is people are much more likely to make purchasing decisions when they’re out.

Another key aspect between different advertising media and OOH —OOH is the most cost-effective medium, especially when paired with another medium. Whatever your current goal is, your long-term goal is to generate more revenue. This becomes difficult when you’re spending a substantial part of your budget on advertising.


With OOH for every $1 you spend, you can expect to make $2.80. With OOH, your reach will also increase. By saving money with your advertising, you’ll have more flexibility to invest in other aspects of your business.

OOH formats are embracing technology. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is soaring in the US and around the globe. Geopath ensures accurate data about impressions.


OOH is great for every single business out there. OOH can help further your marketing goals and can be tailored to your budget.  Any marketing campaign will need to reach people, and other media don’t have the ability to reach people, day and night, with repeated messaging.


OOH is more than just billboards. Outdoor advertising is a diverse world of formats that can help you fulfill different marketing goals. 


  • Billboards and digital billboards are our bestsellers, mainly because they are so versatile.
  • Bus Wraps are the way to go when you want to make a big impact.
  • Wallscapes are also perfect if you’re looking to make a big and bold impression.
  • Street Furniture, for expanded coverage.

Whether you want to target a specific demographic, or you need to create a constant reminder of your brand, OOH is versatile and can be molded to fit your needs.


The size of OOH is a big draw, enhance your brand in ways other formats can’t. 

You need good creative design. But a creative with a wow factor, often requires messaging brevity and focusing on one image. 

FACT: Uncluttered billboards usually achieve greater success. Ideally, your billboard design should consist of just 3 main components:

  • A compelling image / photo
  • A unique, benefit laden, emotionally charged headline
  • Your name / logo / contact info
  1. Keep it SIMPLE. Prospects are zipping by at 55+ M.P.H. They have only 5-10 seconds to notice, become engaged by and process your message. Don’t make it difficult by cramming your billboard with too much stuff.
  2. Try to keep your copy length to 7 words or less. The fewer the words, the greater the chance they’ll understand, retain and recall your message.
  3. Bold, highly contrasting colors help get you noticed. Soft, mellow pastels may work fine in slick magazines but they don’t do well in outdoor advertising.
  4. Thin and/or elaborate script fonts are hard to read (and often invisible) at long distances. Use thick strokes and simple styles to increase legibility at distances greater than 1,000 feet.
  5. Keep ample space between individual letters to avoid blurring, and avoid ALL CAPS, they’re less legible, too. Your billboard has to be read to persuade.
  6. Large fonts allow reading at greater distances, giving the viewer more time to process your message. When designing billboards, minimum type size should be 18″ tall, with 3′ and taller being optimal. Extra large type type not only aids readability but adds life to your message.
  7. Billboard photos often wind up printing as large as your house, making high-resolution images (300 DPI min.) a must. And good billboard designers leverage that huge scale to make a BIG visual splash, displaying one central image that’s 25′ wide rather than five dinky images that lack emotional impact from a distance.
  8. You’ve only got seconds to convey your message – no time to list multiple features, lengthy mission statements, or all-inclusive contact information. Make one point with IMPACT.
  9. Ensure your billboard speaks one-on-one to their specific needs, just as you would with a friend. Establish a meaningful emotional connection with prospects, and they’ll be sure to RECALL your message.
  10. Are your graphics and message thought provoking? Are you creating a vivid mental picture that suggests a storyline and creates drama, excitement, suspense or delight? Bored drivers love to be entertained, but quickly.
  11. Bear in mind… Absolutely “NO ONE” will remember “DULL”.


OOH is not the one and only solution to your marketing objectives. There are key benefits to integrating OOH with other advertising media like digital ads. The best-kept secret is this: OOH increases the effectiveness of your digital strategies. 

OOH increases the effectiveness of any other advertising media. OOH reaches audiences when they are most likely to make purchasing decisions. Unlike with digital ads, OOH can’t be turned off or swiped away. They remain in place 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you achieve your marketing strategy.


OOH is one of the most cost-effective advertising media. You’ll spend less and get more out of it, especially if you integrate your OOH campaign with digital strategies.  So, how much do billboards cost?

OOH is priced by location, quantity, and timing.

Certain locations that cost more than others due to the amount of traffic and the types of audiences .

The more placements you request, the better deal you’ll receive, just like buying a product in bulk.

Timing is an important factor as well. While some inventory can be sold weekly, most of them have a minimum of 4 week rental to ensure a successful campaign. Keep in mind that certain spots might be in high demand during certain times of the year, so price might fluctuate depending on these factors. 


We work with every client to create a package they feel comfortable with. We can help you set your budget, target specific demographics, and have creative. We can discuss the strategies you are currently using and how OOH can help enhance those pre-existing strategies. 

Contact one of our account executives today to get started. 

For more information on OOH and DOOH advertising, and how we can help with your next campaign, contact us today at 210-610-5012 or email customerservice@bmoutdoor.com Create a website that's free with GoDaddy!

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