Holiday season is upon us and we know consumers are spending. Almost every year holiday retail sales are predicted to outperform any previous season. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the festive season. For those who don't want to leave the comfort of their couch the day after they feast, there's Small Business Saturday, followed by Cyber Monday just a few days later.

What’s really important for retailers is that the day kicks off a particular retail sales pattern that holds true until Christmas. It helps open up consumer wallets in a way that no other day of the year does, and if retailers are smart about how they advertise, they can ensure those wallets stay open right through to the New Year.

Any retail owner or executive worth their salt will tell you that Black Friday — and the surrounding holiday season — is perhaps the most opportune time of the year to spur sales.

Why OOH for Black Friday?

Outdoor advertising is one of the last messages a consumer gets before making a buy decision. Nearly 3/4 of OOH viewers shop on their way home from work; over 2/3 make their shopping decisions while in the car and more than 1/3 make the decision to stop at the store while on their way home -- all times when Out-of-Home advertising has the opportunity to be influential.

Top of mind awareness

More than half of holiday shoppers starting to research and plan their gifts in October or earlier — before they start committing to actual purchases.  Start working on your media plan ahead of time. No rush, timing and location is key for a successful BF campaign.

Drive online

Although more and more people are willing to buy on mobile, we know that mobile is still used primarily as a door-to-the-store. Direct those inquiring minds to your product online, and they can purchase at their own convenience, anywhere, anytime.

Break through the holiday clutter

Consumers are armed with real-time information at the tips of their fingers along with a strong aversion to being advertised to. That means creative marketing solutions are needed more than ever before.

Out-of-home cannot be blocked or skipped. It can add valuable content and information in a message-friendly environment. OOH reaches those who consume less traditional media. It is flexible, relevant and able to deliver the right message at the right time

By embracing the power of the new OOH infrastructure and the data that informs it to plan themselves around consumer behaviour, retailers can help ensure that their Black Friday activity kicks off their biggest Christmas ever.

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