Blow Your Mind! These Brands Will Spend More Than A Whopping $5 Million For A Super Bowl LVI Ad

Super Bowl LVI  is right around the corner, and we're trilled to see which brands are participating in this year edition.

Brands —and the NFL— are aware of what they can do with a 30-second spot. In 2020, advertisers spent between $5 million to $5.6 million, a price tag that has rocketed up since 1970. A creative and well executed spot, becomes iconic, and remembered decades after they aired.

ViacomCBS last year. Who's In? Intuit For the first time ever the accounting software Quickbooks, will appear in the Super Bowl. Pringles For the fifth consecutive year, the chip brand owned by Kellogg will have a branded spot ad. Will make its first appearance in Super Bowl LVI. Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX Another first-timer, will be making a debut at the Super Bowl. Nissan After 7 years, is back in the Big Game. NFL As funny as it is, the NFL will also be airing a spot during Super Bowl LVI. Facebook Meta will be part of the Super Bowl after 1 year of absence. For the first time the metaverse will appear in the Big Game. TurboTax For the ninth year in a row, TurboTax will have an ad in the Big Game Squarespace Keeping up with the SuperBowl since 2014. Toyota The company has been featured in various Super Bowl ads. Will this year ad be focused less on cars? DraftKings Is returning for the Super Bowl. WeatherTech Is also making a comeback for another 30-second spot at the Super Bowl. Vroom For the second year, Vroom will be featured at the Big Game. Avocados From Mexico A Super Bowl regular, their advertising streak came to an end in 2021. After siting out, the brand is returning for the Big Game in 2022. Who's Out? Tide The Procter & Gamble brand is steppingout the Super Bowl this year. Mars Wrigley After over 10 years, they will not be airing a Super Bowl ad. Jaguar Will not be participating this year in the Big Game. Lexus Is not going to be featured in the Big Game this year.  Hyundai For the second year in a row is out of the Super Bowl. The Race to the Super Bowl is wide open. What other brands will be crashing the party? For more information on OOH and DOOH advertising, and how we can help with your next campaign, contact us today at 210-610-5012 or email

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