Blues Clues and Empathy Marketing

While we may have more opportunities to connect with consumers today (through social media, content channels, and technology), building trust can be more challenging than ever.

Empathy is considered a key component of emotional intelligence, a crucial skill to have as a leader.

Empathy-based marketing involves seeing through the eyes of your customers. To be truly customer-centric, marketers must gain a deep understanding of who their customers are, the challenges they’re facing, and what motivates them to act.

Most of us 90s babies will remember Blues Clue´s, a live-action/animated educational children's television series that premiered on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr.

Blue, along with The Spice Family, Mailbox, and of course Steve. Steve the original host left us with a heartburn when he announced he was going. Blue’s Clues continued on, with the character of Steve’s younger brother Joe, played by Donovan Patton, taking over. All of this backstory matters because the original Steve himself returned.

Nick Jr.'s Twitter posted a video of Steve. Who showed up wearing his traditional green striped long sleeved shirt and he address the audience. Not the current audience, but the audience of all those years ago, the people who are now all grown up. This hit very soft spots in all of us.

What can we learn from this triggering comeback? That regardless of what you market, it serves a need. Focus on the benefits of your content rather than product or service features.

Empathetic storytelling can help you create a meaningful bond with your customers. Creating narratives around real challenges and situations helps customers see themselves in your story. Here are 3 tips

1. Understand the Consumer

2. Define the Consumer

3. Speak to the Consumer

Although empathy marketing isn’t so simple in the B2B space, it’s still an effective and important method for getting your brand’s message across to the right customers.

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