Can Outdoor Advertising Help a Nation?

In todays world social media and digital marketing have become the most common channels to attract the attention of consumers.

But for most of those involved in tourism and related industries, outdoor advertising is simple not replaceable. The unique and inherent benefits of billboards make outdoor advertising particularly important to local and regional advertisers.

A well executed, well managed & aesthetic use of billboards can offer an immediate impact at a relatively low cost.

So how can countries use out of home advertising to their advantage, and what are some of the lessons we can learn from efforts so far?


They have made an effective use and maximized the OOH opportunities. The slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” has gotten the attention of many because of its vibrant colors and inviting concept.

It's more Fun in the Philippines
Parking more Fun in the Philippines
Outdoor Cafe. More Fun in the Philippines

In 2018 the campaign gave the best return to have come out of it. The contribution of tourism to the Philippine economy was 12.7 percent. Tourism industries and activities’ gross value amounted to 2.2 trillion Philippine pesos. Inbound tourism expenditure by foreign visitors even amounted to 441.4 billion Philippine pesos. This is how it OOH has helped the Philippines’ economy.

Billboards also avoid some of the common (and awkward) pitfalls of online advertising. With more than 8 years on the run, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” continues to become a strong campaign especially in outdoor advertising.

Out-of-home has the ability to strengthen the overall media campaign, reach people in the digital age and provide measurable results to advertisers. If you haven’t considered how out-of-home media can benefit your travel brand, perhaps it’s time to think again.

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