Billboards have been around for over a century; however consumers are no longer looking at billboards in the same way they did 5 or 20 years ago.

The age-old phrase – “First impression is the last impression” holds true here. These rules mentioned below will help to make sure your billboard is memorable and lasts long in the minds of the viewers.

1. Get your story straight

Think about the one thing you want people to take away from your ad. To find your story, you take the key message and give it meaning: it could solve a problem, or evoke an emotion, or fulfill a need (even one they didn’t know they had until they saw your billboard).

2. Keep it short!

The average driver will only have about 5 to 10 seconds to view your billboard design, read any text, and comprehend the message. In those 5 to 10 seconds, the driver could also be glancing from the billboard, to the road, and back to the billboard again depending on the severity of traffic. That’s even less viewing time on your ad! So one of the most important rules to follow will be keeping your message short. Very short! Shoot for a maximum of 7 words or less.

3. Be loud

Make sure any text in your design is printed in clean, bold font to ensure the best readability. Also, the larger the font, the more time a driver has to read and understand your message at a distance. So go big!

4. Be colorful

Use bright colors or a bold image in your design to effortlessly attract eyes to your billboard. Contrasting colors within the design will also create an even bigger impact that will help improve the retention of your message.

5. Check the map

Consider the location where your design will be displayed and use that environment for a clever message. No need to be clever if you don’t want to, but your message will still need to be short, bold and legible.

Because humans are terrible at remembering facts, but great at remembering stories. Billboard design is a visual medium, which means it’s crucial to figure out how to tell that story through images and text. You’ll really want to be strategic when coming up with a design. If you have problems remembering this, you can always download our guide to billboard design [link a guia de diseño] with a lot more tips or you know…give us a call.

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