Determine Your Campaign Objectives

Determine Your Campaign Objectives

Before you begin the creative process, it’s a good idea to nail down what you want to achieve. Here are some possible start-off points:

Are you opening a new store location or launching a start-up site? Think about how your new business or site fills a need for your future customers, and what separates you from the rest of the marketplace.

Are you trying to gain a larger awareness in the marketplace? Driving consumers through your doors or to your site is much easier when your target consumers know who you are. Consider what your brand stands for, and what you want it to mean to your customers.

Do you have an upcoming sale or promotion? You’ll need to look into quick and to-the-point ad messages that can reach many potential customers as quickly as possible. Think about what makes your sales or special event most attractive to your target audience.


Recommended for pop-up stores, promotional campaigns, massive events, openings or inaugurations because they are occasional and unrepeatable messages for your brand or product.


This temporality is suggested when talking about a launch strategy that seeks to have the public expectant of what is to come. Recommended for future openings, real estate for sale, tourism encouragement. 


Recommended to locate any of your points of sale or position your brand or product in a defined area.


Recommended if the main goal is having a high level of recall, are perfect to achieve brand awareness and competitive advantage when your consumer is in the purchase decision.

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