How to boost auto sales through OOH

It will soon be prime time for auto dealerships as spring weather (it’s coming, we swear) brings prospective shoppers out of hibernation and into the showroom.

Consumers, who have been in consideration mode for months waiting for that special sales event to justify their want, will see their wishes met. For auto dealers, its crunch time to close the deal and move those wheels off the lot. And most important in today’s always-on, always-connected, prospective buyers are well-researched and always ready to negotiate.

Half of the new vehicle buyers who use the Internet during their research, consider themselves open to buying any brand when they begin looking*, which leads to a tremendous opportunity for auto manufacturers to use outdoor promotions to influence, inspire and drive customers to local dealerships.

Here are four ways auto dealerships can drive sales with Out-Of-Home advertising:

Use the Power of Digital

It empowers dealerships to be flexible in their messaging, allowing them to swap creatives to showcase daily deals and limited-time promotions.

Direct Them to Where You Are:

Drop a mental pin, pointing consumers to your location with a directional ad strategically placed near the lot.

Show the WHO you are

Use your creative to reflect your business unique personality and let the consumers know youR team is friendly and willing to negotiate.

Be Creative

Pops of color, smart copy and extensions can help you out to create high-impact and really memorable billboard campaigns.

Stir into the skid and contact your outdoor specialists, see your campaign make an impact outdoors.

Source: JD Power

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