Need some inspiration for your advertising campaign? Check out the inspiring out-of-home creative that has recorded history this summer, and more head-turning campaigns that will make your world go upside down.

Far from home and not to be outdone, Spider-Man is lighting up Sunset Boulevard when the sun goes down with this creative:

Wells Fargo is really hitting home with this messaging, as Phoenix breaks high temperature record set back in 1986. A perfect example incorporating real-time weather data to keep creative relevant, while giving people something of value temperature updates.

Apple Goes on Tour With 16 Musicians in Latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ Campaign.

OOH is larger than life. Making it possible with embellishments like the ones below.

The phrase Go big or go home it’s a staple to the Accor group. To unveil their new lifestyle loyalty program Accor Live Limitless and new ambitious partnership with Paris Saint Germain., Accor group decided to shout out this new alliances by using a big and we really mean BIG build wrapping.

You think urban advertising is ugly and annoying? Not any more! Outdoor advertising is becoming a form of art, with huge commercial campaigns that are hand-painted on brick walls across the area — just like in the old days. Check out this Super Mario painted mural in Santa Monica for Nintendo.

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