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71% of consumers look roadside billdoards

Billboards, Ads on bus stands and many other forms of outdoor advertising are available to advertisers today but not all of them give you the same kind of returns.

Billboard marketing costs 80% less

OBillboard advertising offers a more than viable alternative however, and one that is a staggering 80% cheaper than marketing a product on television.

26% of customers have visited a website in response to OOH

OOH advertising is surprisingly effective at enabling brands to drive traffic online, this figure is likely to rise incrementally as companies adopt integrated marketing strategies and refine their CTAs.

The total OOH revenue generated in 2017 was $7.7 billion

When you also consider the fact that Ooh advertising has a lower cost per thousand than any other type of marketing, the potential probability of this channel is absolutely huge.

56% of customers will talk about gunny OOH adverts

This is a seemingly innocuous stat, but when used well and appropriately, it is clear that humorous OOH adverts can effectively promote your brand and enhance its popularity among target demographics.

OOH advertising and particularly billboards are extremely effective in the digital age, as they provide a stark and less intrusive contrast to online channels.


Spacing: How far apart should your outdoor ads be?

This largely depends on the different flows of traffic you are targeting. Assuming you have a limited budget and you want to optimize this budget, the best combination would be to have a single large, highly visible outdoor hoarding for every major flow of traffic in your target zone.

Periodicity: How long at a stretch should I have my outdoor ads up and how often should i do it?

This is the most important question of all. If you are in an industry where sales are periodic, you want to concentrate your budget on your peak sales period only. If you’re selling across the year, you have to work according to your budget. Take an outdoor ad space for more than a month continuously; and you can negotiate a good deal as well.

We can help pull together each of these elements, assisting you with the creation of your billboard advertising campaign.

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