Lessons to apply in a COVID-19 world that will make your business roar.

Just as we continue to hear news about the struggles that COVID-19 has brought into our daily life, finding great motivational stories that would keep us moving forward has been a must for me. I recently found a short and inspiring one in Jeremy’s Gutsche book, Exploiting Chaos. The 2008 award-winning book that came a few days ago in my last Amazon delivery

The story sets at the beginning of the 20th century; launched in 1897 and by the 1930’s the preferred cereal brand among Americans was Post Grape-Nuts Post was the market leader. Dominating with no other competitor getting even close to the success they had at the time.

By 1929 the Great Depression hit the financial markets. Jobs were lost by the thousands and cash flow became a scarcity for many companies including Post. Because of the strong position they held on the market, some of the company executives decided to lessen the crisis effect on the cash flow by dramatically reducing their advertising budget. They never thought a starving tiger was very close by, just waiting in the bushes to take a giant leap. Kellogg’s mascot, Tony the Tiger was about to be born. With a very intensive, inclusive and empathic advertising campaign, the Kellogg Company suddenly took over the position that Post had owned until then.

Kellogg’s slogans used for advertising like "Snap! Crackle! Pop!" and the famous "You'll feel better” were heavily promoted around the country. Producing uplifting feelings of hope, joy and a strong sensation that better times were coming. The consumers found in the brand the force they needed to keep moving forward during those turbulent times. Post never recovered and Kellogg’s became America’s go-to cereal brand.

As Jeremy himself acknowledged, when in crisis just as the one we are living now some of the competitors may lower their guards. If you and your company are ready, take advantage in the market place. In scenarios like the COVID-19 crisis, remember to let your inner tiger roar.

Ed Saenz

Entrepreneur & Founder

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