While Internet marketing continues to see dramatic growth, it still pays to recognize the immediate impact and potential instant benefits offered by well executed, well managed & aesthetic use of billboards - with their equally instant, on the road marketing messages and you can understand why: Billboards can quickly give brands national reach at a relatively low cost.

For destinations and attractions the issue is not so much one of competing advertising choices, but using both to great complementary effect.

Billboards also avoid some of the common (and awkward) pitfalls of online advertising. Being clearly positioned in the public domain means there’s little chance your company’s content will be inadvertently published alongside something offensive or inappropriate, for example.

So how can travel brands use out of home advertising to their advantage, and what are some of the lessons we can learn from efforts in the space so far?

There are a few reasons why tourism and travel brands choose to go with out of home options. For starters, with big billboards comes big space. When you’re marketing a product based on visuals and selling it partly through visual appeal, every pixel counts.

And, as we get into below, out of home media also encompasses a range of creative options. These leave room for genuine connections and lasting impressions, both of which are important factors in driving businesses, brand awareness and loyalty.

Destination billboards can serve to:

Spark or prompt a spontaneous decision during a traveler’s current trip. That unplanned (and more often than not minor) detour to visit. The signage basically helps them to ‘exit and experience’.

Remind and reinforce. Keep a destination or attraction in the mind, increasing brand awareness over time and influencing future decisions.

Travel-tourism brands are aces at eye-catching creative and are naturally visual storytellers. Out-of-home provides amazing canvases. There’s a synergy for out-of-home that doesn’t always exist so easily across all other verticals. 

Whether you’re an airline, cruise line, hotel, resort, CVB, destination or other tourism brand, you’re selling travel experiences. An experience that you can use to create mini moments for an audience while they’re out and about. 

Out-of-home has the ability to strengthen the overall media campaign, reach people in the digital age and provide measureable results to advertisers.

If you haven’t considered how out-of-home media can benefit your travel brand, perhaps it’s time to think again. 

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