Airport advertising is a growing category of out-of-home and a great place to advertise your business on a local or regional level. Airports are unique because they offer a uniquely affluent, captive and hyper-targeted audience.

Airport Advertising

Airport Advertising consists of advertisements placed in static or even in digital displays, these are placed all around airports, its main objective is to capture the audience of the location.

“Frequent flyers are typically business decision makers and comprise 68% of total airport traffic”.

Airport passengers are people who invest in travel, people who often travel internationally. These consumers are affluent and they see shopping as part of the travel experience.

Often associated with a high-flying lifestyle, brands that advertise in this environment add to the impression of prestige and premium quality of the product.

Brands have an opportunity to engage with people who in any other setting would often be too distracted with their daily tasks and routines. Creating custom eye-catching executions with unmissable messaging and flawless delivery, complements consumers’ high expectations and their shopping behavior within this high-value environment.

How Much does an Airport ad Cost?

Advertising on Airports costs depends on the location, time and market.

For more specific pricing:


Medium effectiveness:

85% of travelers pay attention to airport advertising

91% of airport advertising favors the perspective of brands

92% of travelers relate the brands that are advertised in airports with high quality

Airports represent a public place of great activity. Between flight arrivals and departures, people interact, exchange ideas, communicate and, in parallel, receive information.

The endless lines, very long waits and delays caused by bad weather, are some of the circumstances experienced by those who circulate there. Facilitating the boarding and arrival of passengers to the different flights has become a priority for airports, in order to improve the service provided to users.

How to inform users directly, timely and effectively without causing any unnecessary movement? digital advertising is an elementary tool that provides guidance and information to travelers.

There are various solutions in digital outdoor advertising that facilitate and improve the dynamics and operation of airports around the world, thus giving you a greater impact in your advertising campaign.

Interactive Kiosks allow a more personalized attention to the user, since they offer query and orientation modules that provide detailed information on flights, locations, etc. Both implementations can count on advertising content that generates revenue through brands that will pay to have their retail spaces promoted on maps and directories.

Another trend in airport signage is the implementation of video walls, as they can be customized to change content or mixed with various elements to attract global advertisers, driving ad concession sales to airport tenants. By mixing content with advertising, video walls can help airports create an additional stream of economic revenue.

More and more airports will be looking to incorporate Digital advertising into their spaces; dynamic and updateable communication in an airport is crucial, as it keeps users abreast of flight information, which is accurate and up-to-date. When you combine these factors with the ability to control all digital advertising from one central location, it will come as no surprise that the rise of digital signage installations is a trend that workers and commuters enjoy.

Advantages of Airport Ads

  • Valuable Audience
  • Dwell Time
  • Receptive audience
  • Engaging Media
  • High-end Space
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