Bike shares provide residents and visitors an affordable, accessible, and green transit option throughout urban neighborhoods; while delivering advertisers a unique and impactful opportunity on premium street level displays.

Bike Sharing

Bicycle shares provide to communities and guests a reasonable, available, and green travel choice all through metropolitan areas. Sway this crowd portion with premium road level displays. The bicycle share stations are decisively situated all through the best areas and convey the two walkers and vehicular traffic with an "up very close" presence. 79% of people saw OOH in the previous week.

What are the benefits of Bike Share?

The environmental benefits of bike-sharing schemes include transport flexibility, reduced vehicle emissions, health benefits, reduced congestion and fuel consumption. For this and other elements, the schemes bicycles have become a very well received innovation, resulting in being a highly crowded medium, which will bring benefits in terms of impact and traffic for your advertising campaign.

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