Ads located on Transit Shelters are positioned at consumers eye-level, situated in high traffic areas or along busy high streets, this popular media reaches different audiences.

Bus Stop Advertising

This concept describes promotional and marketing content that’s published on bus stops giving consumers something to look at while they’re waiting for the bus. Bus shelters are an excellent starting point into outdoor campaigns.

In this media, the more units contracted, greater will be the benefit; coverage will be wider because a larger area can be reached, the frequency and impact will also be higher for your potential clients so they can keep your brand in mind.

Why Bus Shelter Advertising is the best option?

There are different ways for brands and organizations to utilize Bus Advertising. Activation marketing allows brands to catch minutes or enact logically pertinent messages around key advancements to empower the focusing of purchasers and drive activity. Contingent upon your mission objective, you can unquestionably utilize bus shelter, therefore when you use it in an intelligent way, the two arrangements complete one another and are demonstrated to build the adequacy of your mission. Use them to deliver Reach and Activation messages, reinforcing brand mindfulness and driving customer activity simultaneously. For additional data on this, reach out to us.

How Much does a Bus Shelter Ads Cost?

Shelter Ads cost depends on the location, time and market.

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Advantages of Bus Shelter Advertising

  • High Coverage
  • Effective for targeted campaigns
  • Eye level visibility
  • Immersive and non-intrusive
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