Wall Murals are nowadays very impactful as they can appear in different styles, positions, and art. Plus these walls are visible to pedestrian and vehicular populations.

Wall Advertising

One of our products options includes Wall Murals, a place where customers can have their advertisements splattered directly on building exteriors or printed on pressure-sensitive vinyl and attached to walls. The walls are custom-built for long-term usage in different roads such as freeways and highways, on commuter and tourist routes, and finally but not less important in downtown business districts- where football is high, and your business can reach a higher audience.

BM Outdoor Media provides shopping for all types of Advertising whose target audience is Out of Home (OOH).

Wall ads are so effective because of their sovereign presence on motorways and highways that your photo wallpapers often achieve landmark status. Therefore, location-based advertising becomes an important criterion to consider when promoting a mural to make your business grow. Murals are very popular in urbanized markets like New York and San Francisco.

Murals are advertisements that are applied directly to architectural surfaces or printed on pressure-sensitive vinyl and affixed to the wall. Not all walls accept vinyl. Murals can accommodate a variety of unusual and creative sizes and shapes and have good exposure and visibility to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The murals were custom-made for long-term displays along major highways and freeways, commuter and tourist routes, and the downtown business district.

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